Unboxing my new “All Seasons” Album

The official unboxing video for my new album “All Seasons”. I had recently picked up the boxes of CDs at Sooper Doopers in Madison. We opened one while we were there so that we could make sure everything looked good. However, I wanted to share the opening of one of the boxes with you. As a result, I’m here on my deck opening this box with you and telling you all about my new album. Enjoy.

Track Listings.

  1. Afraid to Fall
  2.  When I See You
  3. I Tell the Stars
  4. Storm
  5. I Remember You Beautiful
  6. All Seasons
  7. True Love Wins Today
  8. Broken By Words
  9. Chivalry Wasn’t Dead (Until You Killed It)
  10. Nothing’s Changed

unboxing All Seasons